Our decisions are what sets each of us apart. We work in harmony with nature, engaging only in organic viticulture. Responsibility and sustainability have served as our unfailing compass for generations.

This philosophy now has a face: our grapes thrive in certified organic vineyards, free from chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Living up to this promise is no easy feat. It starts in the vineyard, accompanies the wines at harvest into the cellar and as they mature, and does not conclude until they are safely in bottles. We also consciously pursue a conservative use of water and energy.

Certified by the Lacon Institute.

"Sustainable viticulture has always been a top priority for us. It's why the move to organic cultivation was simply a natural progression."

– Josef Ehmoser

Common Ground

We love the fact that animals love our vineyards almost as much as we do. We regularly host deer, rabbits and partridges, as well as a wide range of insects and birds. Each year we watch the meadow flowers blossoming among the grape vines, and our nut and cherry trees go through their seasonal cycle before our eyes, from bud to delicious fruit. We preserve and promote the spectrum of life in our vineyards by pursuing gentle, nature-friendly viticultural methods, notably marked by plenty of hand labor. Biodiversity and the fertility of the soils — that’s what matters to us.

Chirp, chirp, chirp

Distinctive bird calls frequently ring out through our vineyard. One tropically colorful yet exceptionally rare bird clearly feels very much at home with us: the European bee-eater. This species of migratory bird, which lives in colonies and grows to up to 28 cm, spends from May to September in our loess walls. They dig tunnels as deep as a meter and a half, with a nesting chamber at the end. They are agile fliers and catch their food out of the air. They also devour stinging insects such as wasps and bumblebees.