We love what we do and it shows. Our work demands reverence and respect for each other and for the earth. We labor with passion and dedication and are proud of the results: a rich range of distinctive and memorable organic wines. These are our ambassadors of joy to the world.


Tradition and origins matter to us. Three generations of our family have worked these world-class Wagram vineyards. Our wines thrive on the fertile loess soils of the Hohenberg and the Georgenberg. Organic viticulture, sustainability and an uncompromising dedication to quality are our guiding lights. Our customers appreciate this. As a member of the Österreichische Traditionsweingüter, we also produce two authentic Erste Lage wines. Our wines can be found in selected specialty shops and in the cellars of exclusive restaurants in 22 countries across Europe and North America — proudly delivering the regional typicity of Austria, the Wagram and Grossweikersdorf to the world.

“We are proud of our Wagram origins and make authentic wines inspired by our beloved region and its loess soils."

– Josef Ehmoser


All good things take time. We respect nature and her rhythms. We give our vineyards the freedom they need to develop from one year to the next. This means as little intervention as possible, coupled with fearless action when needed. All by hand, of course. It’s a matter of honor. In the cellar, we also work gently and meticulously. The potential of the grapes should be supported but never forced. It’s an approach that routinely delivers distinctively Wagram wines. Each with its own personality and structure — grown in harmony with soil, climate and variety. Taste it and you’ll see what we mean.