Every day brings something special. We live on the edge of the mighty Wagram region, only a short drive away from the Danube River. This is a hub of fertile loess, special climates, and one-of-a-kind people. Winemaking for us is much more than simply processing premium grapes. Our wines are a reflection of our provenance and our passion. Yet sustainability only works when you practice what you preach. We have dedicated ourselves to a respectful interaction with nature, to taking joy in our work, to kindness. We are rooted in the region but also open to new ideas. Always authentic.

Diversity in the vineyards

Biodiversity and soil fertility form the bedrock of our low-intervention winemaking. Healthy soil is essential for nurturing the powerful, resilient vines that we need for our viticulture. Which is why we are so pleased to see the many colorful meadow flowers blossoming cheerfully in our vineyards right now. We sowed our own custom mix of 28 different types of seed*. This diversity enlivens the soil and welcomes countless beneficial organisms to settle there as well.

* Alsike clover, heliotrope, crimson clover, camelina, hop clover, coronilla, sheep fescue, white mustard, fodder radish, red fescue, garden cress, bird’s-foot trefoil, garden burnet, red clover, Persian clover, winter vetch, Egyptian clover, buckwheat, coriander, pot marigold, fennel flower, common mallow, fennel, caraway, chicory, parsley, parsnip and common sainfoin.