Every day brings something special. We live on the edge of the mighty Wagram region, only a short drive away from the Danube River. This is a hub of fertile loess, special climates, and one-of-a-kind people. Winemaking for us is much more than simply processing premium grapes. Our wines are a reflection of our provenance and our passion. Yet sustainability only works when you practice what you preach. We have dedicated ourselves to a respectful interaction with nature, to taking joy in our work, to kindness. We are rooted in the region but also open to new ideas. Always authentic.

The 2021 harvest has begun

Fantastic late summer weather helped our grapes ripen beautifully. Sunny days reaching up to 25°C, cool nights at around 9°C – optimal conditions for the grand finale on the vine. The ever-rising vitality and balance in our vineyards continue to remind us that our choice to farm organically was indeed the right one. Our vines handled this summer’s changeable weather very well. And today we are thrilled to see those vineyards still clad in a radiant green canopy, as we cross our fingers and hope for beautiful, steady harvest weather and a fantastic 2021 vintage.